What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care focuses on management of pain symptoms and emotional stressors of a chronic or life-limiting illness. Our primary goals are to manage distressing symptoms, alleviate pain, and provide a support system for the patient and family, therefore improving the quality of life for the patient and family members throughout the course of the illness.

Your Health, Your Choice
The goal of hospice is to care for the whole person, considering his or her physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. With the family, hospice aides in deciding the patient’s care and future needs. Hospice care focuses on quality of life, making it – and its loss – easier for all involved. Patients achieve physical and emotional comfort, so they can concentrate on living. Patients are encouraged to stay active for as long as they are able: taking part in activities they enjoy, eating foods they crave, and accomplishing things they have always wanted to do.
  • Who Qualifies?

    A patient is appropriate for hospice when they:
    • Have a diagnosis of a life limiting illness
    • Certified by a physician as having a life expectancy of six months or less
    • Agree to no further aggressive treatment
    • Agree to palliative care and comfort support
  • Guidelines

    The following are some general guidelines that can lead to a hospice admission.  If you have a loved one experiencing one or more of the following scenarios, please contact us to set-up a free evaluation.
    • Frequent trips to the ER or a recent hospitalization
    • Decreasing appetite and weight loss
    • Increasing weakness or falls
    • Requiring more help with ADLS
    • Increasing shortness of breath or need for oxygen most/all of the time
    • Multiple changes and adjustments to medications due to ineffectiveness or an increase required to control symptoms
  • Services Provided

    • Skilled Nursing & Home Health Aides
    • Pain Management
    • Counseling for patient and family
    • Chaplains to help care for spiritual needs
    • Bereavement support
    • Volunteer program for companionship & support
  • Your Care Team

    • Medical Director
    • Director of Nurses - Program Manager
    • Registered Nurses & Certified Nurse Aides
    • Pharmacy
    • Social Workers
    • Chaplains